Friday, 5 December 2008

Friday The 13th Remake Trailer

Friday The 13th Remake MovieHere below the full length trailer of the remake of Friday The 13th:


His name was Jason and today is his birthday!

Jason Voorhees has become a real myth with time but his myth was on the wane. This Friday The 13th remake will not only revive the cult around his personality but it will boost sales of hockey masks for sure!

On Friday The 13th don't tempt your chance: bring a birthday gift to Jason or be prepared to be slashed!


Anonymous said...

U guys act like Jason is going to stab u if u leave a post! lol

Anyway this trailer was off the chain, the did a good job of bring back camp crystal lake...

I will be there on Friday the 13th to see our boy, My girlfriend can't wait... I hope Michael Bay finds as much interest in this as he did Transformers and bring us more newer sequels