Sunday, 13 July 2008

Friday the 13th Bootleg Trailer

Friday the 13th is a retelling of the original cult horror movie of the same name (1980) that spawned into a successful movie series. This remake of Friday the 13th, produced by Michael Bay, is directed by Marcus Nispel and written by Damian Shannon and Mark Swift. The film will take elements from the first three movies. Co-producer Brad Fuller also stated about the remake:

"I think there are moments we want to address, like how does the hockey mask happen. It’ll happen differently in our movie than in the third one. Where is Jason from, why do these killings happen, and what is Crystal Lake?"
(by Brad Fuller)

A bootleg version of the trailer of Friday the 13th shown at the last Comic Con has leaked online, here it is:

Friday the 13th
The Plot:
"A group of young adults discover a boarded up Camp Crystal Lake, where they soon encounter Jason Voorhees (Derek Mears) and his deadly intentions." (Source: IMDb)

The role of Jason Voorhees is played by Derek Mears (who played in The Hills Have Eyes 2 and Cursed among other horror films).

I guess Derek Mears' physique is fitting to the evil and twisted character of Jason Voorhees.

This trailer of Friday of the 13th gives some hope that it will remain faithful to the source material, but nevertheless adds some interesting input to the famous franchise.


Capp said...

I'm sure he'll do a good job, but could they not get Kane Hodder back to reprise his role as Jason? I believe he was the best jason.